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CQ World Wide DX CW Announced Operations: 2023

CQ World Wide DX CW Announced Operations
November 25-26, 2023

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3B8MMauritius39M/?M0OXOG0CKVBy G0CKV K0AV KX7M
S79Seychelles39M/?TBATDDXBy G3WPH G4IRN G4PVM GD4XUM; S79K requested; QRV Nov 21-28
NEW (May06)
Christmas I29M/2N3SLGM3WOJBy GM3WOJ GM4YXI; call sign requested; QRV Nov 21-23; SSB CW FT8 FT4

Thanks to: G0CKV, GM3WOJ, TDDX
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