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CQ World Wide DX SSB Announced Operations: 2019

CQ World Wide DX SSB Announced Operations
October 26-27, 2019

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6W1RYSenegal35M/2LoTWF5VHJBy F5VHJ F6BEE W6NV; QSK also OK via F5VHJ or WA6WPG for USA requests, OQRS, REF Bureau
NEW (Jun06)
Barbados08SOAB LPKU9C8P6ETBy 8P6ET
HC5MEcuador10SOAB HPDL8UDDL8UDBy DL8UD; QSL OK via DARC Buro or direct
IH9YMCAfrican Italy33SOSBeQSLIH9YMCBy IH9YMC; Pantelleria I (IOTA AF-018)
P40WAruba09SOABLoTWW2GDBy W2GD; W2GD; QRV Oct 22-29; some WARC and 160 before CQWW PH; paper cards to N2MM; no Buro cards
PY0FFernando de Noronha11M/?LotWTDDXBy PY0F team
V49VSt Kitts & Nevis08M/2LoTWTDDXBy AA4V (V49V), N4SF, W4GE, K4AJA; V47JA; QRV Oct 22-29 as V47AA and V4/homecall; HF, incl 60m; incl FT8

Thanks to: 8P6ET, DL8UD, F5VHJ, IH9YMC, MM0NDX, TDDX, W2GD
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