Czech Call Book -- November 2003

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Enter a complete OK/OL callsign:

Enables the lookup of Czech amateur radio station addresses using the callsign as a key. The entire, correct callsign must be supplied in the query box. Data returned consists of: Callsign; Name (First LAST); Address; Zip Code + (District); and E-mail (when available). Those using these addresses to send mail from outside the Czech Republic must add the country designation "Czech Republic" to the address, where appropriate.

For the benefit of those curious, but unfamiliar with Czech amateur radio callsigns, here are a few callsigns that will work: OL1JDC, OK9RDS, OK1KCH. Briefly, Czech callsigns observe the format: O[KL]d[A-Z]{1,3}. That is, OK or OL, followed by a digit, followed by between 1 and 3 alphabetic characters. Naturally, not all possibly combinations are actually assigned.

The search functionality is provided by a very simple Perl program written by NG3K. The search is very fast.

A map of Czech districts is available, as is a map of the newly formed regions.

A census of the callsigns licensed to each of the Czech districts is provided below. To see the callsigns in each district, simply click on the appropriate district abbreviation. The total number of stations licensed in the district is also given.

Czech Districts (Okresy)